Bigfoot in Wisconsin?

I stumbled across this 2003 report - a bigfoot sighting near Cable, WI. Look alive, Bayfield County!

"A guy of friend and I were fishing and spending a couple of days in northern Wisconsin. After a day of fishing we were driving back to the cabin at around 6 or 7 pm. After just passing(heading east) the Tahkodah golf course, I was looking out the back seat (on the drivers side) and saw this brown figure kneel down behind some bushes as we drove by. Due to the curves in the road, we were probably going around 25-35 mph. It lasted only a split second, and something didn't register right with what I saw. I was going to remain silent until the driver of the Jeep said, "Did anyone just see that?" He had seen the same thing-a brown figure kneel down, like a human, to hide behind the tall bushes. I affirmed that I saw it, but didn't know what it was, so wasn't going to say anything.I've seen bears fall from their hind legs to all fours and this wasn't the same falling forward motion. It was as though someone standing upright and then kneeling down, in a straight fashion, to a crouching position. We didn't go back to investigate b/c we were too scared."

This is Creepy

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Though my interest is in all things "weird" in Wisconsin, my home state, I now live near San Francisco, where the Institute of Noetic Science is located. The local news recently did a story on the institute and mentioned that it was originally located in Wisconsin (who knew?). I found next to nothing on the institute in Wisconsin- except for this 1981 article in the Marinette County Register. Apparently this Freemont guy is now deceased. Granted this was long before the age of the internet, but it's certainly weird that there seems to be little trace of the institute's time in Wisconsin.

Haunted Appleton School

There was a kid named "Marky" who worked, or was believed to work for the Mob in the late 20's. He had a screaming fit about the color purple, and has apparently been spotted by early teen's trying to pick them up (girls and guys). There have been stories in the paper about him, nevertheless he remains a ghost to the surrounding city folk because they know of him, and his past. Neighbors won't go near his old house, because he's said to still live in the basement. Every once in a while he's seen at night throwing fits, and convulsing & muttering something about the Mob bosses that he used to work for.

"Fireball" in Wisconsin

The National Weather Service out of La Crosse says it's receiving numerous calls about a bright light and loud boom in the area.
The NWS says it appears that a meteorite was the source. They say it would be larger than your typical shooting star to make it this far into the atmosphere.
The NWS says the calls are mostly from Crawford, Richland and Vernon Counties. The calls are also keeping dispatch centers busy.
People say they saw a "fire ball" or "bright light." Some say their homes or windows shook.
The NWS says there are some unconfirmed reports that the meteorite may have landed in Crawford County.
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